Crown Ford
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  • Gregory M.

    Parts department has poor customer service walked in asked prices on parts my number was taken and told I would be given a call with prices I did not call on the phone I was standing right in front off worker so I went to another ford and bought the $1800 in parts I need they called me 4 hours later emailed owner and store manager no response I would never go back there or recommend anyone

  • Casey R.

    I really gotta tip my hat off to this dealership service department. Not only was my drop off flawless but so was the pick up. Very friendly. When good people work there, or anywhere for that matter, it make for a memorable experience. And a returning customer.

  • Heather P.

    I have had many experiences with this dealership and very few were good. The first time I had to bring my car they told me I’d be able to pick it up at 4pm. When it came time I called just to make sure t was ready and they said no it wasn’t ad it wouldn’t be for a few DAYS! Nobody called to tell me this was going to be a few day thing and I had to call them 5 more times that week to find out what was going on. This went on to the point where I had to be nasty in order to get any answers out of these arrogant men.

  • Salvatore S.

    Pushy sales men, and the service department is a joke. Hours for a simple oil change and they don’t top off your fluids.

  • Joe L.

    Their service department is a rip-off. My sister goes there for a recall item and drives away with a bill for $542.00! The car has less than 35,000 miles on it and they said she HAD to have new front brake pads and rotors. Funny thing…they said the same thing and charged her the same amount of money 2 years and 10,000 miles ago. She drives 5,000 miles a year. They act like nice guys but they are simply thieves.

  • Chong N.

    I give them 0 stars. I will never give them my business again. Had a horrible experience. They charged us hidden fees, $800 more than what we had agreed to when we decided to purchase the car, they were not helpful in resolving the matter at all! Not apologetic about their ‘mistake’ and time spent on our part resolving the matter. Honestly, I feel like I got scammed by them!

  • Adam R.

    Very sad to see that in today’s hyper competitive retail market, a car dealership behave in the manner that this one does. While I did not purchase my car from Crown Ford, I do bring it here for service from time to time. Very slow turn around time and please don’t ever expect a phone call to update you on the status of your repair, it won’t happen!!! When you do call, expect to be placed on hold for quite a while since you are at the low end of the totem pole when it comes to customer service at this dealership.

  • Nechama G.

    Do not buy from them! They cheat and sneak. I was conned into buying a very expensive service package and after paying for 4.5 years, when I finally need service, they will not come through. They will make me wait over a week to even bring the car in and get a rental that I was promised over and over again when I bought the warranty. Unfortunately, they have cheated me out of thousands. Stay away!

  • Lisa F.

    Horrible service department. No quality assurance. Poor business

Ford Lincoln of Huntington
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  • Shaker N.

    The Lincoln dealership offers educated sales personnel and also great deals. I did get an MKZ from this place and I loved the experience. Good luck guys.

  • Hernan B.

    I would NEVER buy a vehicle from Ford Lincoln of Huntington. It has by far the worst customer service… they make it seem they are doing you a favor. My experience with the service department is nothing like I have ever seen, again extremely poor customer service, they do not have any care in the world on how long they take and provide absolutely ZERO feedback as what is going on with your vehicle.

  • Jatinder M.

    It’s the worst place to buy a ford or any car in fact they have the worst staff and this was my second time going there and both time worst experience DONT GO THERE

  • Joseph C.

    Instead of getting me excited about buying a new truck, he told me to go home and “build” one on the ford website (I told him I did that already) and come back later with $2000 for a retainer or whatever. Then MAYBE in ten weeks I could pick up the truck

  • Alan W.

    Walked into the dealership, there was one salesman helping another customer and 3 salesmen sitting at there desk. I walked around for about 10 minutes, Maybe a little more. Nothing not so much as can I help, can I answer any questions nothing. This dealership should be ashamed of themselves, Don’t know how they sell any cars when they ignore possible customers. Would definitely never go to this dealership again.

  • Freddy A.

    BAIT AND SWITCH! Simply said. They quoted me a price, I asked them to check the numbers which they said they did. I then asked them to verify that the out of pocket money did not include a down payment. They said they did and that was the correct numbers. When I was driving to the dealership they told me not to come because they can’t understand how that manager calculated that price for the VIN I provided.

  • James D.

    If you find yourself looking for a Ford or Lincoln, drive right past this place. If your Ford or Lincoln needs service, drive right past this place. If get into an accident or need body work on your car, of any make, BE SURE TO DRIVE RIGHT PAST this place.

    Their idea of customer service is what has my customer done for me lately. They ignore you, they are nasty to you, you will never be right.

  • Cheryl G.

    This is the worst dealership I have ever visited. I went for a test drive because my lease is up. Came back 20 minutes later and the whole side of my car was bashed in with what turned out to be $5,000 damage . The Sales Manager said,” women ha e accidents all the time and don’t realize it”. I was infuriated. This mysoginist behavior is unacceptable and I entrusted my car to them while on the test drive.

  • Eric G.

    Absolutely the worst car dealer I’ve ever had experience with
    Left a message for the owner and the general manager and never got a call back we need another Ford dealer in the Township of Huntington for at least one close by the Syosset Ford still open I wonder?

Ford and Lincoln of Smithtown
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  • Cliff M.

    I leased a Ford fusion hybrid from here and everything went smoothly as can be expected until we returned the prius plug in, that was coming off lease. A few weeks after we returned the car and picked up the fusion we received a letter from Toyota financial saying that the plug wasn’t returned in the car. Cost…..$925 plus tax.

  • Emily C.

    If I could give this place 0 stars I would. My car that I lease!!!!!! Keeps breaking down and is very unsafe to drive. I went in and asked the manager if I could have a safer car and was basically told I have to wait till tomorrow and go through 50 steps just to get a new car. This is the second time in a month I’ve been here and they have no idea what wrong with it. I will never lease buy rent own a ford vehicle again. This is my second car with them and the first one was a piece of shit too!!!!

  • Devin C.

    Smithtown Ford is by far the best car dealership that I have done business with. The staff is courteous and very helpful. I have leased two vehicles and I have and will recommend them to others.

  • Jay B.

    Horrible experience. It is a shame because it was my third vehicle purchase and the two before were pretty good. Purchased a certified pre-owned and have had nothing but problems. I have to make a huge deal out of everything to get the dealership to do the right thing. I will never buy or service my vehicle here ever again.

  • Crono V.

    I’ve bought both of my Fords here, a pleasant experience each time. Only problem I’ve ever had was with servicing the vehicle. The whole Staff is Helpful and warm and I didn’t have a problem with scheduling. But after a recall piece was replaced, my car still had Lag. I brought it in for a second time and they still couldn’t find out why. Low and behold, I checked my Fluid Levels and my Transmission was very low. I just don’t understand how they could have missed something as so simple. Otherwise, great Place!

  • Michele A.

    I won’t be back here after hearing how you offer deals and then when the customer comes the next day to pick up , you tell them the deal is no longer valid and they have to wait for their deposit back. Terrible way to treat customers! I’ll go elsewhere!

  • Tonia G.

    So upset – had a deal in place with a deposit and it was switched when we went to pick up the car. Don’t go here!

  • Toni B.

    I refuse to do business with this dealership! They refuse to honor deals they make. Such a disappointment!

Hassett of Wantagh
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  • Melissa D.

    Awful service…overfilled my car by 1 quart..they also underfilled by half a quart.

    Had them fix ny convertible top..took several attempts for them to get it right and i had to do the research for them on the fix

  • Douglas S.

    Hassett delivers what they say. Feel free to bring your car here for service.

  • Evelyn K.

    HORRIBLE CARS & SERVICE! Bought a brand new car … have been in and out of service every other month. EVEN SERVICE SAID THE CARS ARE BAD!!! The General Manager is Scammer selling damaged cars!

  • Zachary F.

    While the process within the dealership went well, my nightmare began after I was 15 minutes away. Kenny, the sales manager of the truck department, called me and told me that I paid $1,250 too little of the truck and needed to bring it back right away. After I told him that I needed to call him back, he then called my office and threatened me with calling the police and reporting my new, fully owned, F150 stolen if I didn’t return it ASAP, or the pay the $1,250.00.

  • Brian Z.

    I had a pre approval from Ford Credit and took it to this dealership. I had a very specific conversation with the sales person and finance person that I did not want them to send my information to any other banks because ford had pulled my credit report and I did not want any more inquiries on my credit. Both men agreed. Hours later I find out that the pulled my credit report 6 times.

  • Dorothy M.

    If I could give 0 stars I would. Worst experience at a car dealership I have had in my life. Joe and Lou were unprofessional, rude and failed to fix the mistakes they had made, including giving me the wrong car and lying about our interactions. Don’t waste your time at this bs establishment.

  • Haley L.

    It’s the first auto dealership I’ve been to that the salesperson didn’t come to ask if we needed help or had questions. Thirty minutes there not one salesperson said anything to me or my family. I guess its ok if random people enter your business and you ignore them.

  • Mara C.

    Wouldn’t buy a car here again. Pat and Sue in the Registration Department have taken 6 months to register my car. There was no issue taking my money to buy the car but getting it registered….lots of unresponsive and unresolved issues. Buyer beware!

  • Jess L.

    I can’t honestly believe these guys are still in business. There is not reason It should take 3 hours to pick up a car when financing and insurance was done previous to arriving. It is also INEXCUSABLE that I picked up my new car that was full of mud (on the navigation, steering wheel, shift knob,door panel and even on the stained tan roof liner). not to mention a half a tank of gas!

Hempstead Ford Lincoln
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  • N D.

    My experience at this location was a great one. Carter is the man. I leased a Ford Explorer about a week ago and I’m very happy about my selection. Haven’t visited the service department yet but once I do I will be sure to write another review.

  • Liz S.

    I think these guys went out of their way to mess up my day. They told me the repair would be fast then as soon as I got there they said “Oh no, its a long job”. Great-now I either sit here 5 hours or call a friend or cab. Thanks guys! Not a fan at all!

  • David R.

    Is the guy who sells you the premium care bumper to bumper protection when you buy the car the liar or is it the service person who tells you everything you need isn’t covered by the bumper to bumper scam?

  • Ali B.

    I have never experienced customer service as bad as I did at Hempstead Ford. Their service department, especially Peter, is unreliable and rude. I will certainly be filing a formal complaint. I wouldn’t wish this company on my worst enemy.

  • Doug C.

    I broke my van there for two days nothing was being done after two days I was told to come back for a different appointment which who knows if he’s going to get fixed nobody can leave the car for so long not fixed. On my next appointment they supposed to order the parts that see if this will happen it’s feel weird when you go to a dealership that don’t have part to f no car loaner!

  • Oscar T.

    Horrible experience came here to have my car fixed and all they did was come up with excuses. Karen the service agent was very rude and disrespectful. I was told supposedly my tires went bad which is why there was a loud noise coming from the bottom of the car. I agree to change them and the noise was still there. Moneyhungers thank god for my bank giving me a refund do not recommend this place for repairs run!!!

  • Alison B.

    I can’t believe how poorly I was treated by the service department at Hempstead Ford. I was lied to, never called back, my problem was never resolved and no one cared. This is the worst customer service experience of my life and I will certainly be filing a formal complaint.

  • Taylor K.

    Service appointments consistently result in a return visit as items are not fixed right the first time. Dealerships policies on service seem to vary from service personnel to service personnel and bills are not clearly explained. Car is returned often unclean with stains on the carpet mats and the seat and floor protectors rolled up in the back of the car.

  • F. A.

    I purchased a used 2008 GMC Envoy last April and I am completely unsatisfied with the car and service! I would recommend your dealership to anyone.

Levittown Ford
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  • Salvatore S.

    If you want someone who doesn’t give a damn about working with you to get a price worked out this is the perfect place. They don’t even bother cleaning used cars to show and good luck talking to a manager

  • Michael V.

    I bought a new work truck from them after all the paperwork was said and done they called me back and change the rate on me to 17% which is out rages

  • Arelys L.

    Our salesperson Vinny, was very helpful in getting us into the car that met our needs. We test drove the two models we were interested in and left with what we felt was the best choice for us. Everything went smoothly and the experience was pleasurable.

  • Kwan T.

    Horrible service overall and service department has no idea what they’re doing. Took my car there literally 5 times in one month for the SAME exact issue. No courtesy loaners available, online scheduling system isn’t accurate either. Better off going to a regular repair shop that knows what they’re doing. Save yourself time and money.

  • Steven V.

    Carries the torch well representing everything that’s wrong with car dealers. They tried to come in with a ridiculous monthly payment until I started spinning numbers, which are my strong point. Calculating the total payments vs. the cars value and buy back came to an absurd amount of total dollars. They came down in price by the around $75 per month for a 39 month lease!

  • Peter S.

    The service people are first rate with customers but I dislike the Ford Fusion I bought and the mechanics here cannot seem to find the problem with the car which is electrical and possibly a serious safety issue. So rating the service center is mixed as I think I’m rating the repair quality (terrible as they can’t find the problem) and the customer-facing people (excellent as they are nice and courteous and thorough). That’s it.

  • Cristhian A.

    My only complaint is with the loaner or courtesy vehicles , I can’t drop off my car for service because I don’t have other car and the dealership don’t give me a courtesy car just because I’m 22 , I think doesn’t matter how old u when u spend $30k in a car …

  • Anthony D.

    Service Dept is horrible. No one returns your calls for days. They can’t fix it right the first time. And to tell a customer so we had your car for a week you had our loaner car what’s the difference! Really !!! Last vehicle I’ll ever buy there.

  • Nicole R.

    Plan on spending your whole day there waiting for your car to be detailed and for them to complete paperwork after purchasing a vehicle. Waste of an entire day literally.

Lucas Ford
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  • Roberta B.

    had an original issue with Lease contract and Tim and his manager
    came up with a solution to balance out the discrepancy.
    I felt like my business mattered to them.

  • Cynthia W.

    This dealership consistently fails in customer service. We brought our car in for recall repairs. When the appointment was made we were told it would take 2 days. When we go to drop the car off we’re told they need it for a week the explanation being that it’s two days of work. Do they not think that people need to plan for a week of no car?
    Other trips in to this dealership for service are similar.

  • Brandon M.

    These guys know who to and who not to rip off. I sent my daughter in to look at the explorer XLT. They told her she was looking at aprox $510 a month. When she told me that I thought that was a little high. So I went in myself and looked at the same car (I’m a mechanic) I asked how much and they come in at $425 right off the bat. I thought that was crazy. I won’t go back there just for the simple fact that they tried to take advantage of a woman.

  • C C.

    Went yesterday to pick up the two cars. As we explained to Tim that the SUV had very apparently not been shampooed as promised, the tear was glued very poorly and very noticeably crooked he continued to lie that it all had been done. The bumper had not been repaired. The exterior had been buffed and that was all. Instead of agreeing with us and trying to rectify, Tim just lied to our face that all had been taken care of. We were furious and by the time the owner, Harold stepped in it was too late.

Newins Bay Shore

Newins Bay Shore Ford
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  • Michael C.

    Bought a brand new 2017 Fusion. I am the easiest customer to deal with. Made the deal and was in a rush and i had to drop off my rental that i was using. The salesman tells me no problem i will have my guys drop it off. I agreed and could not thank him enough. 2 days later i get a call from the rental compnay asking me how much longer i am keeping the car! I call the dealer and get a nasty salesman who refuses to let me speak to who i am asking for.

  • Donald J.

    I like Newins Ford. I bought my 2005 Explorer from them and had no problem with the car or the service department. Now I have a 2010 that I bought from another dealer and they still treat it like I got it from them. What I like about the service department is you make an appointment they take your car at your given time and call you or you can wait for it it’s not like that first come first serve thing that they have at the other dealers

  • Doug B.

    I took my truck back for the 5th time for a noise in the front end, each time I brought the truck in they charge me for things not covered of course by the wonderful service plan I purchased. the problem was still not fixed after thousands of dollars. I like ford products, but newins will not be getting another penny out of me.

  • Eric S.

    Leased a Focus from them. Turned out to be a lemon, broke down one year in. It took them three months to repair it. No rental car, no reprieve on lease payments. Just tried to lease a new car from another dealer with 2 months left on on this one but they won’t let them take over the payments or buy the car. NEVER purchasing a Ford again, and never going back to this dealer. Criminal.

  • Lau M.

    After buying four Fords over the last 15 years, I am happy to say i just sold my 2013 so I will never have to deal with their terrible service department again!!!!! Worst service department ever and they never fixed a thing just kept my vehicle for days and days and days till I got fed up and picked it up, No more Fords for me.

  • Carolyn A.

    Great if you want to buy a car, HORRIBLE service department! I made an appointment with them to replace a part on my car because it was still under warranty. The appointment was for 7am when they opened. It is now 12pm on the NEXT DAY and the still haven’t even looked at it! They’re saying that they had to get the quick fixes like oil changes without appointments in first. Absolute CRAP.

  • Tamur S.

    I agree with everyone else, this “Family Owned” Dealership is an absolute disgrace to any family name. I recommend going to any other Ford service to avoid the headache and drama that the service department will inevitably cause you for any warranty issue.

  • Thomas P.

    Eric was the best salesman I have dealt with in a long time I buy a lot of vehicles and by far this was the best experience I have had buying a new car in a while. I’m sold on ford cause of the gentleman Eric is he will be getting all my business for years to come

  • Victoria V.

    My initial encounter when I got the car left me disappointed. I pushed that memory to the back of my head.
    Now my car is in service for FIVE WEEKS, not including the initial week and a half.
    This is by FAR the absolute WORST Service and customer service experience EVER. I cannot wait for my lease to be up.
    No more Fords for me.

Otis Ford
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  • Bobby E.

    Fast service good atmosphere.

  • Mollie S.

    Brought in car for service and picked up next day. Car broke down and they supposed to tow back in but after 4 days waiting, I called and was told I had a bad attitude and John hung up on me. Called Frank the service manager and was told they would refund my money for the repair and to take my business elsewhere.

  • Scott S.

    Service department is nothing but bad attitude (and I am being very very polite). We were left with the impression that it was our fault that Ford improperly designed the rear axle of our Windstar. They even stated they were doing us a favor by making the repair. “This sure isn’t OUR fault,” the service manager stated. “We don’t build or design them.” Nice attitude for a company with Ford logos emblazoned on everything. Stay away.

  • Peter P.

    Nice crew incompetent mechanics

  • Mark G.

    *BEWARE of Otis Ford, Inc. Quogue, Eastern Long Island, NY. ( Hamptons ). ” Otis Ford Put Used Parts On My New Car “. Search for website: otisfordsucks. Website recently updated. Tom Otis, owner. Thank you.

  • Peter P.

    I started coming here because my father did for years! The people that run the service dept are super,and the salesman are great!the reason I’m not totally happy is when I went in for the works they were suppose to rotate my tires and never did!I know because I had my wheel lock on me so he couldn’t have done that.I called and they said the tech measured the tread and chose not to do it!needless to say they were very apologetic and I was not happy.

  • Dylan C.

    This place is an embarrassment to the Ford motor company! Terrible service, and terrible equipment, even brand new. They can’t even keep their Own trucks running. Wasted way to much money here. Never buying a ford or using this business again.. ever!

  • Sam D.

    Scratched my dash board and they said they can’t do anything to get it out. Service manager said at first that he will replace it and after they tried cleaning it they said that’s all they can do for me. I’ll never go there again.

  • Nicholas M.

    Service department never is very helpful or fast

Ramp Ford
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  • Daniel E.

    Dont ever go here total liars once you give them money for ordering parts and they cant get them they will hold on to your money for three weeks then lie and say its your banks fault why it takes 21 days to refund money do not go here

  • Martha H.

    Had a 9 am appointment and waited an hour before the car was brought in for an oil change and it’s 10:30 and it’s still not completed. Never waited this long at Stevens Ford. Plus I was told it wouldn’t take long!

  • Zachary C.

    Got a lease for a 2016 Ford Escape here. Customer service was prompt, polite, and forward with answering any questions I had about their policies. 10k miles into my lease, and so far everything has been good with the routine visits to the Service Department too.

    I see a lot of really negative reviews here over things that seem to be exaggerated anecdotes. Think twice before you take the word of strangers over the internet.

  • Mike C.

    The issue here is simply a greedy dealership who’s trying to get money out of people who don’t know better.

  • Greg S.

    These guys act like they are doing you a favor. I will never recommend Ramp for service and if this is how Ford treats their customers it may be time to look at another manufacturer in June when it’s time for a new car.

  • Paul C.

    The people there are scam artists. They lie and take your money without any justification. They have no customer loyalty. They dont take care of their unhappy customers. I am never going back to ramp for EVER. Horrible business practice.

  • Lindsey K.

    I told them my rear defroster was not working and they tried to make me 130 bucks to diagnose it as broken. I knew it was broken when I couldn’t see out my rear window….

  • Michelle G.

    My husband just picked up his 2011 power stroke after having some work done, mud all inside the wheel wells and all over the tires. Smeared mud on the body of the truck. It was not dropped off like this. When he confronted ford about it they laughed in his face & made smart ass remarks. They will never be seeing us again & I definitely do not recommend bringing your vehicle to this place full of COWARDS & inconsiderate staff. They will most likely delete this post, we have witnesses. Horrible way to treat someone.

Riverhead Ford
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  • Gregory F.

    Service not the best… I had to call to see if my car was fixed and ready for pick up. Service woman tried to charge me for an oil and tire rotation- she never looked at my records (MKX) to see it was for free plus she was not the most friendly person in the world. In the future I will take my car to Fire Stone… Sorry Riverhead Ford Lincoln….

  • Dario D.

    I purchased a car from them 3 years ago and I always take it in for service. service writers are always nice and professional and accommodate me. I even purchased tires from an online store and they allowed me to send the tires to the dealer so they could install them. now I purchased a used Ford Fusion and I take it here for service.

  • Fia E.

    Awful. Car is a year old and has 20k miles on it. Death trap !!! Transmission issues and I keep getting the run around. Software update didn’t fix it and a new transmission control module didn’t fix it. Called ford to tell them Issues still aren’t fixed I was hung up on 6 times then left a message and no call back

  • Kevin H.

    People who worked there were very nice, but I had a very frustrating experience. I scheduled an appointment for noon through their website, only to be told that they were at lunch at this time. Had to wait around for an hour, and then the actual inspection and oil change took almost an hour and a half, after being told it would take about 45 minutes. I don’t think I will return.

  • Wazi W.

    Made me wait for 4 hours, they didn’t have right person who can put the car horn electric wire back. Came next day & waited 5 hours again. Got the car & paid over $330 just to attach the wires. Further surprise, when I got the car, they left the dash board open. Have to wait again to get it fixed.

  • Jason V.

    very poor interactions.

  • Ernest D.

    I went there to buy a truck I was very disappointed with the sales person ,he could not find me a 2015 Ford F-150 ,I went to another dealer and they got me what I wanted ,plus it has been a week so far and I have not got my deposit back yet ,but the service center is pretty good

  • Justine L.

    Serveral issues with a car i purchased 8months ago in the middle of the winter no heat now all tyes of bullshit then recently had it in for another service and they told me i need to spend 900$ to get the part replaced under waretee then 150 phone calls to pick the car up to find out that the riped a peice of my back seat door off and i called coperate abd they claim noone was in the backseat fucking bullshit horrible business

  • Shirley K.

    I was suppose to have my car washed, and of course it was not, I had a slip for a free car wash, with a service, he kept by the way,. They were very busy the day I brought it in, but no excuses please, otherwise, it was service as usual. Also I had a credit for $12.50 which I did not get. I called when I got home, and the person who answered could not hep me, so someone took the call, and I think I got credit, I am not sure, because the person said it may take sometime to give me credit.

Sayville Ford
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  • John S.

    Overall, I am happy with Sayville Ford; I recently turned in my leased 2012 Fiesta for a new 2014 Fiesta, and I will say that John Malinowski made that day quick and painless for me. I had some technical problems with my 2012 and brought it in for service – but the service department could not figure out the problem (again).

  • Allison D.

    Not only did he let me test drive a car that has already been SOLD(I’m sure that buying customer loved that people are test driving their purchase and continually adding more miles) but he also wouldn’t be upfront about pricing with me. He pretended to not know about the pricing that was clearly stated online.

  • William B.

    Overall: Love the car; salesman was great. Absolutely hate the service department. 4 visits within 6 months of buying the car and a not done oil change is just absurd.

  • Jill F.

    Did not care for this place at all. Not my first time buying a car and I can tell when someone is trying to push/scam me into getting one and that’s what happened here. Salesman kept trying to get us to sign papers for the car without even telling us the final price, we kept asking if we could get the final price first and they would say oh sure yeah and then keep talking and tried to move on without showing us.

  • D W.

    This was the worst car buying experience I’ve had so far, hands down. Avoid at all costs and do not give them a deposit. We are still trying to get ours back.

  • Chris N.

    They are not as reliable as they used to be and the lies of apr you approved for are all a scam they raise it on purpose and they make gains from your higher apr. Have an experienced car buyer come with you to avoid headaches later. My sale was fine until they say to sign and drive it home and then the fees all became a joke and way over budget. Wish honesty and reliability was a 2 attributes they didn’t move away from as the originally staff always had for years.

  • David M.

    Not polite, unprofessional and super uncomfortable dealing with. Went to try and purchase a focus st and was greeted by an old timer with a chip on his shoulder, everything I asked him was a big deal to do and was pulling teeth for him to do HIS JOB, every question was greeted with rolled eyes and a sigh. they are there to sell cars and I went in there ready to buy but left with my blood boiling. Avoid at all costs!!

  • Lenny J.

    I have bought a new car on average every 2-3 years for the last 15 years and have seen as much low-balling and buyer manipulation as they attempted at Sayville. Of particular blame was the “Sales Manager” Chuck Caputo.

  • Nick F.

    All I can say is BEWARE. I purchased my 2012 Escape from Sayville in March 2012, brand new. I am the original owner. Well apparently, my car was hit before being purchased, and this dealer replaced the bumper without telling me. Which leads me to wonder what else have they hidden from me as a buyer. Shameful behavior from what I expected was a reputable dealer.

Stevens 112 Ford
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  • Rob D.

    Went to Ford to look at a new car and received the best help and a great price!! What a great place and a an awesome salesman Carl demasi!!

  • Richard H.

    Pretty Good place to buy a car from Like the people who helped me very informative

  • Patrick F.

    I had a terrific experience at stevens ford 112. My salesperson was Jenny whom I highly recommend. She was extremely knowledgeable about the different trucks and current programs available and helped me get a great deal. What I liked most was that i got all of my questions answered without feeling like I was being pressured into doing the deal.

  • Frank T.

    I had a very good, smooth and pleasant experience in buying my used ford explorer from Stevens. They did everything they said they would and in a very timely manner. I have not had too many good experiences in buying cars in the past from other dealers. But this one was pleasant. Thanks to our sales man Robert Freire. He made it what is was.

  • Sarah B.

    My husband and I bought our explorer at Stevens 112 and it was probably the least stressful thing I have done. Jenny was our sales woman and she was so helpful with our questions and concerns as if she were purchasing the vehicle for herself. Everything was smooth from beginning to end. The service department was fast and courteous as well for our first oil change. I recommend Stevens 112 To any and all who are in search of a new vehicle!

  • Steve F.

    I’ve had our ’13 Explorer in for routine service several times in the passed year we’ve owned it & waited while it was done in their very accommodating customer lounge. Could not be more pleased all around thus far with the timeliness & treatment from their Service Dept!

  • Alice S.

    I own three vehicles, all purchased from Stevens. My service experience on all three has always been fantastic. Tyrone and his team have always been very professional and helpful. I would highly recommend Stevens!

  • Rob W.

    Took my 2014 Mustang in for service, I purchased the Car at a dealer in Ct. Tyrone took good care of me and my car, nice to see a place that still values costumer service.

  • Laura S.

    Just leased my explorer from Stevens. JP was wonderful. I got the price I wanted with the exact car I wanted. walked in not expecting to get such a good deal and I left with a car a few hours later! Everyone from the FI dept as well as the others I dealt with during the process were professional and knowledgeable and helpful! It was as painless as it gets! Would definitely recommend!

Storms Ford
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  • Kerri M.

    Terribly rude front desk girl. They told us they were too busy to guarantee they would even look at the car, then their partner dealership called asking if they needs help and they said no. Service reps didn’t try to look up our warranty or rental until we asked three times and tried to say that if there was a leak it was probably because we hit something while driving. Not sure they’ve ever heard of customer service out here.

  • Brian S.

    Car broke down on Friday. Towed into service on Friday night. Did diddly squat on Saturday (1/2 service crew). Diagnosed on Monday, but needed part (again 1/2 service crew). Got part and I get the car back at 1:30 on Tuesday. Not like anyone broke their butt to get this done as would have been done “up the island”. Car works fine…thank you. Attention and diligence, unacceptable.

  • M R.

    Great customer service! I didn’t buy my car from there because I’m from out of town but when I needed a bit of help getting the top of my jeep wrangler up/down, they were more than happy to help. Of course I paid for the service, but I got service with a smile and they were very patient while teaching me! Definitely going back if I ever need help with my car while I’m out east.

  • Gintare S.

    Due to extremely poor service and lack of expected professionalism, we will greatly reconsider prior using this location or suggesting it to others.

  • Rachel M.

    Do NOT go here, way overpriced. 🙁 ripped off for just an oil change

  • Katie L.

    Gabe is sleazy, dishonest, and gives car salesmen a bad name. I’m willing to modify and update my review once Storms refunds the money he effectively stole from us.

  • David P.

    What a terrible experience. Do not deal with these people. I have leased 4 jeep/Chryslers in the last three years. I have delt with another dealer for 3 of them and I’m sorry that I bought the 4th from Storm motors. The salesman was nice enough. The finance guy Jerry (I think that was his name ) is a giant dishonest sleaze ball. The GM was supposed to call me back on 3 different occasions and never did. I finally had to make a credit card claim. I guess they do not believe in repeat business. There are plenty of other dealerships. Save yourself the headache.

  • Alex B.

    Worst costumer service and experience I have ever had. Never recommending them!!!! Terrible inventory!!!

  • Brittney S.

    I called to inquire about fixing my antenna on my car. I filled out a form online to schedule an appointment. They emailed me back and scheduled me for the end of the week. When I inquired about how much it would cost to fix such a minor thing on the car they said no matter what is wrong with the car I would be charged a flat fee of 110.00 THEN they would charge me labor and parts. When I told them I would have to shop around the girl was incredibly rude on the phone and said “you do that”! Literally. I said…”GLADLY”

Tower Ford
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  • Frederica E.

    Got 2 recommendations that they were good. Had a sensor issue with my car from day 1. Made appointment with them, left my car until they had the part. Two days after getting my car back. My engine died. Then a week later it died again. I called to let them know what happened but customer service rep hasn’t called me back it’s been 3-4 business days.

  • Jay T.

    Terrific car. Great inventory. Amazing service. Good and efficient deal (no games). Competent, but business-like salesperson.

  • Sabrina M.

    If there was a way for me to go back and return my car from this place I would! The car isn’t the issue, it’s the service! I traded in my lease, was told that Tower Ford will pay off the remaining 2 payments. Unfortunately Tower Ford had not paid off my original lease, and I have been reported me to the credit bureau! This has been the worst experience ever! I will never recommend Tower Ford to anyone!

  • V. W.

    Horrible experience. Do not ever go buy from them. Very dishonest with the price. They even try to cheat on the tax rate telling me different dealers gets to assign different tax rate to charge to customer. Whimy the salesman is total scam. Zero star.

  • James C.

    Got a great deal on a lease but the dealership is run down & the service department looks like a prison holding cell.

  • Scott D.

    Multiple requests for warranty service. Each one has been denied. Not a fan.

  • Steven S.

    Horrible dealership would recommend going elsewhere for a Ford.Communication with this establishment is non-existent.They never return you phone calls or emails

  • Terrence R.

    The fact that it took 25 days to get my car back to a serviceable condition was very dismaying, but the staff did keep me informed about developments along the way and obtained the necessary parts. I was just glad that they were able to salvage my eleven year old vehicle!

  • Xu M.

    Very terrible service! I make an appointment with them for the recall service. My appointment is 08:00 am, now it is almost 11:00am, my car is still at the parking lot. Nobody do any service with my car. I ask the front desk when my car can get service. The staff at front desk just play his cellphone and tell me he will call me when it’s done. Don’t use their service any more. It’s not first in first service.

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